Aerial yoga has many names : fly yoga, anti-gravity yoga, hammock yoga or suspended yoga. It’s relatively new and was born in New York. But it is still YOGA and the breathing element of the class is still as important as traditional yoga. Your breath will energize you and open you up, the hammock will enhance this experience.

What is Aerial Yoga?

It essentially combines traditional yoga poses that are normally carried out on the floor, but in the air, with the use of a hammock. Because you are using a ‘prop’, so either the handles or the fabric or the hammock itself, it enables you go deeper into a pose, or even enables you to go into a pose that would normally be a problem for you on the floor. Handstand for example. You feel safer because you are being held and supported by the material, and like using a partner in yoga, it has the same psychological effects of helping you go deeper into the pose. You know that the support is there so you can, in effect, let yourself go – either in body and in mind – ideally both!

What are the benefits of Aerial Yoga?

It strengthens the core and your over all strength, increases shoulder flexibility and opens your hips like you can’t believe! Aids digestion, lowers your fear threshold (you have to hang upside down and sometimes fly!). And it puts you in a really good mood. Your insides get shaken up and you leave the class with a clear head and a new vision. Your spine will feel longer and your balance will be overall better. If the last time you allowed your body to go upside down, was when you were, say 10, come and give this a try. It leaves you feeling invigorated, regenerated and all together younger.

Aerial Yoga | Groove Yoga

The relaxation in the hammock at the end, is like….. well, being in a hammock in your garden. You are cocooned in a safe, warm place where your body melts – in suspension – into the fabric and if you fancy swaying from side to side to give you a feeling of movement then this will allow you to drift further and further from the realities of your day and enhance your deeply relaxed state.

Tuesdays : 18.30
Thursdays : 14.15
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