My Yoga Classes

I aim to involve everyone in each class whether they be super fit, just starting out, have tight hamstrings or hips or whatever else they might bring to me. There is always something for everyone, and the progress from not being able to touch your toes in your first class, to being able to by class four, is an amazing achievement. You will see very quick progress if you are new to yoga, and if you are not new to yoga and have been practicing for some time, my classes aim to be very varied so that you feel inspired by new postures and new sequences.

I draw my influence and style from Hatha and Ashtanga yoga with a mix of all sorts of other delights too, which will include inspiration from great teachers, yoga retreats and workshops and just continued learning.

Remember your body is the only one you have,
it’s quite an incredible machine,
so best start looking after it!!

Hatha / Ashtanga yoga

Dates For LUCY’S YOGA :
Monday @ 9.15h (fast flow)

Tuesdays @18.30 (AERIAL YOGA)

Wednesday @ 9h (fast flow) and 18.30 (gentle stretch)

Thursday @ 14.15 (AERIAL YOGA)

Friday @ 9h (fast flow) 10.30 (Power yoga)


€18.00 for a drop in
€150.00 for 10 sessions*

11 bis Rue de la Brague,
06560, Valbonne.

Tel: 06 50 39 89 05

Private Lessons:

At home, in the studio, on your boat, on your terrace/garden – please ask me about prices and times.

Gift Vouchers:
If you are stuck for a present for a friend or relative, why not offer them a private lesson at home or book them in one of my classes.

Note:* The block of 10 sessions is to be paid for upfront with the 10 sessions to be used within 4 months. 24 hour cancellation policy is in place otherwise the missed session will be charged for.