Yoga Breath

Breathing or Pranayama :

I encourage students to use their breath within their practice to help them in a number of ways. Firstly without breath or breathing your body will fail you, which is fairly obvious, but less obvious is that most of us don’t breathe properly or deeply enough. I aim to get you to use your breath in a conscious way, to help slow down the number of breaths in, subsequently helping to calm down the mind and the mental state.

Your breath is the first thing to respond in your body:

Your breath will respond and adjust according to what you are thinking, feeling, observing, hearing, tasting, touching, sensing or experiencing at the time. It is intimately connected to your physical, emotional and spiritual state.

Your breathing habits influence the flow of your day:

Jerky, shallow, fast, constricted or tight breathing reflects that you live your days in a constant stressed out – push and pull state.  You tend to overreact to that which is happening around you and waste your precious energy unnecessarily.  Your days are rushed, and time is always an issue. You have forgotten how to relax, be still and receive.  Reverse your breathing habits to experience a different flow to your day.

Benefits of Breathing :

  • Improves sleep
  • Encourages a calmer, emotional state
  • Boosts your thinking and soothes your nervous system
  • Cleanses your lungs
  • 70% OF BODY WASTE is eliminated by the lungs, so deep exhalation is a fab detox method.
  • Breathing deeply brings energy into our body.
  • Breathing helps us to move from one posture to the next.
  • It’s a great preparation for meditation
  • It helps you ‘let go’
  • Breathing is not just for the lungs, but for the whole body
Take an hour for yourself, to open your chest and lungs, release tension, boost your confidence,
stand tall and be proud of who you are.