So why Yoga

Traditional athletic conditioning is used to strengthen specific groups of muscles. A varied yoga practice can develop the body’s more under-utilised muscles. There is a common school of thought that if you want to get faster and stronger you need to develop dominant muscle groups however this can create a physically imbalanced body.

Out of balanced bodies is a very common phenomenon in most people, particularly those who are practicing one particular sport (gymnastics, cycling, running, etc). This is because that person is creating an unhealthy stress on one or several areas of their bodies, rather than working on the WHOLE BODY to create a balanced strength. Yoga can help redistribute this balance by working on the whole body.

Build on your ability each week, yes you can push yourself to a certain extent but within the realms of what feels right for you today and your body. This is not a gym or dance environment where you are looking at the person over there with a six pack so you are madly working out to be like him or her. This is YOUR practice, so eventually your focus does centre itself within your own physically being and you become less focussed on what you think you should be doing. You start to listen to what’s happening within YOU.