You’ve got Nothing to Lose

For those of you who are reading this and feel that none of this applies to you because you haven’t had any regular exercise in ages, do not fear! Yoga is an amazing medium to get back into working your body, and bringing it back to life. There is a simple well known saying that says : “Use it or lose it”. If we don’t use our muscles for long periods of time, they will shrink and waste. We need to apply a regular amount of healthy stress on our bones or our bone mass will decrease. Think of someone older who you know who’s shrunk recently or can only stand up with a hunch….

Equally if you are doing the same repetitive task each day, sitting in front of a computer 8 hours a day, driving the kids around all day, standing up preparing food or gardening in a stooped position, think about what that is doing to your body and how regular stretching can ease tension, alleviate stress and help kick start the exercise that you keep meaning to start on the 1st of January each year!!